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Tablet Coating Machine

Product Details:

Product Type: Tablet Coating Machine

General Use: Pharmaceutical Industry

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 100 KG / Hr

Tablet Coating Machine Price

Model APM-TS-S11

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set

Capacity 100 KG / Hr

Machine Specification

AutomaticSemi Auto & Auto

MaterialStainless Steel

Grinding Wheel Speed1-16 RPM

Size Information

Volume1570 x 1260 x 2030 mm

Dimension of Air Cabinet900 x 800 x 1935 mm

Dimension of Air Exhaust950 x 950 x 1950 mm

Diameter of FeederΦ 476 mm

Machine Information

Name Values
Diameter of Coating Drum Φ 1200 mm
Power of Main Machine 2.2KW
Power of air Exhaust Cabinet Motor 5.5 KW
Name Values
Weight of Main Machine 850 KG
Weight of Hot air Cabinet 450KG
Weight of air Exhaust Cabinet 550 KG

Product Description

Used for coating various tablets, pills and bubble candies as well as chewing gum with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar film, etc. And it has such characteristics as high efficiency, low energy consumption and small floor area, etc. And it can be widely used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar film etc in such fields as of pharmaceutical, food and biological line.

Special Features

  • Hot Air Cabinet
  • Air Exhaust Cabinet
  • Air Spraying System
  • Thermostatic Mixing Drum

Uses of Tablet Coating MAchine

Basic Working Principle: The tablets make complicated and constant track movement with easy and smooth turning and frequent exchanging in the clean and closed rotational cylinder of the film coating machine. And it can automatically spray coating medium according to the process flow and reasonable process parameters. The hot air exhausted through the bottom of the tablets under the effect of air exhaust and negative pressure so as to make coating medium dry quickly on the surfaces of the tablets and form a firm, fine and close and smooth surface film